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Genomind Mental Health Map: Genetic DNA Test Including Mental Health Predispositions and Wellness Trait Reports

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Product Description

Genomind Mental Health Map The Expert Starting Point For Your Mental HealthGenomind Mental Health Map The Expert Starting Point For Your Mental Health

Genetics and Mental Health

20000 genes20000 genes

The human genome contains approximately 20,000 protein coding genes, and a third of those are active primarily in the brain. While genes are “hard-coded”, environment, lifestyle and experiences play a role in how genes are expressed, or how your body uses those genetic instructions.

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The Mental Health Map tests for specific genetic variants that have been shown to influence behavior, mood, attention, stress response and more across the 7 Core Capabilities. The reports tells you how to use the insights to support mental wellness.

How the Mental Health Map Test Works


Collect a cheek swab with the cotton swabs included in the kit


We test each sample twice in our laboratory within three business days.


Once the results are ready, the reports can be viewed online.


Schedule a 30-minute consult with a BrainTrust Advisor to interpret results.

Get to Know the 7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities


7 In-Depth Reports

Each report identifies possible mental health predispositions based on genotypes.


Potential Predispositions

Heightened Stress, Fear and Startle Responses, Worry, Lingering Guilt, Nervousness, Tension, Rule Follower or Warrior-Like Resilience


Potential Predispositions

Moodiness, Irritability, Even Tempered, Type A Personality, Reserved, Low Mood and Energy, Negative Bias, Thick-Skinned or Thin-Skinned


Potential Predispositions

Inattentiveness/ Distractibility, Decreased Working or Visual-Spacial Memory, Improved Muscle Memory, Mid-Life Brain Fog, Strategic Focus, Impulsivity


Potential Predispositions

Late-Night Snacking, Emotional Eating, Skipping Breakfast, Picky Eating, Sweet Tooth, Fat Cravings, Overeating


Potential Predispositions

Night Owl or Early Bird, Trouble Falling Asleep, Snoring, Limb Movements in Sleep, Sensitivity to Sleep Deprivation, Daytime Lethargy


Potential Predispositions

Performance Anxiety, Sensitivity to Rejection or Decreased Self Esteem, Dwelling on Embarrassment, Empathetic, Lone Wolf or People Person, Trusting


Potential Predispositions

Increased Habit-Forming Potential, Comfortable with Risks, Easily Intoxicated, Nicotine Habit Potential, Sensitive to the Effects of Marijuana

What’s Included in Each Comprehensive Report

Step One

Each in-depth report provides an overview of the specific capability and identifies all related genetic variants and resulting predispositions.


Each core genetic mental health capability is influenced by traits, which result from the interaction of your genetic makeup and your environment.


Mechanisms are decided by genes that code for proteins, enzymes and receptors in the body. Mental health mechanisms impact the way you function in the world, form thoughts and display emotions.


We inherit two copies of most genes. One copy is inherited from our father and another from our mother. This combination is your genotype and influences your traits.


The reports identify genetic predispositions you may have for various traits. While this means you may be more likely to feel or behave a certain way, your environment and lifestyle are factors too.


Each report includes detailed insights and actions you can take to improve different areas of your mental wellbeing based on the latest genetic science.

Our seven unique reports include up to 59 genetic mental health predispositions with guidance that may help to improve mental wellness. There are also over 100 educational videos in the report so that you can learn more about the relation between genetics and mental health.

About the Startup


Our Heritage

Mental Health

Describe your products in 3 words.

Innovation, Validation, Empowerment

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

For the past 11 years we’ve learned a lot while optimizing our prescription product, the Genomind Professional PGx Express, a genetic test that provides insight into how a person might respond to various medications. We’ve helped 15,000 clinicians make more informed medication decisions for over 260,000 patients as a result. Having learned that genetics is a core part of overall mental health and wellness we set about to cultivate hundreds of the world’s clinical studies on genetics and mental health to create a self-directed tool that could be used by anyone to gain new understanding and get on the right path with their mental health and wellness journey.

What makes your product special?

Genomind was founded over a decade ago by a team of clinicians and scientists committed to evidence-based, compassionate care and psychiatric innovation.

In recent years, there have been some amazing developments in our understanding of how our genetics can influence our mental health. However, we have learned that the link between our inherited genetics and our behavior is much more complex than initially thought.

There is a common misconception that our genetics determines our destiny, a misconception that we behave a certain way or have certain tendencies because “it’s in our genes”, and that there is nothing that we can do to change this. This misconception can be damaging when applied to mental health. We have learned that human behavior is not just a function of our genetics alone. Rather, our genetics can predispose us to respond uniquely to our experiences, relationships, lifestyle, and diet. It is this relationship between our genes and our environment that the Genomind Mental Health Map allows us to explore.

The value of this test is not that we provide a list of genetic results and predispositions, but rather that we help identify specific, biological mechanisms in the brain and the body that predispose us to thrive or struggle in certain environments. We then pair our understanding of these mechanisms with insights and actions that empowers the user to take control of their biology and behavior.

Additionally, we pair each user with a Genomind BrainTrust Advisor to help them navigate their Mental Health Map and explore the many tools and resources to take control of their mental wellness journey.

You can’t change your genetic makeup, but you can change the influence it has on your life. The Mental Health Map contains valuable insights, actions and resources that will be relevant to you throughout your whole life.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Since launching this unique new product in June of 2020, we have received an overwhelming amount of feedback showing just how much the Genomind Mental Health Map is helping people. Many of our users have expressed gratitude and appreciation for the rich content, as well as the resources, and tools provided. Those who have taken advantage of the included consult with a Genomind BrainTrust Advisor find it to be very helpful and supportive. Of the clients who have had follow up consults, the majority say they have seen significant improvements in their mental wellness and quality of life. This, above all else, has been the best part of the experience in developing the product, and is what drives us to continually seek new ways to innovate.

HOW IT WORKS: The Genomind Mental Health Map is a DNA swab test kit. Each sample is tested twice for accuracy. Once our lab completes your results, you get in-depth analysis of the gene variants that may impact mental health. The results are viewable in 7 interactive reports that identify potential genetic predispositions.
NAVIGATE MENTAL HEALTH: Mental health can be difficult to talk about, but knowing about potential dispositions empowers you to take action. Our DNA kit results include insights based on neuroscience research, recommendations tailored to your genotype, insights for parents, and more! Unlike other genetic DNA tests, the Mental Health Map is designed exclusively to help gain a better understanding of mental wellness so that you can take action.
CUTTING-EDGE SCIENCE: Our world-class genetics lab has processed over 250,000 DNA genetic samples, and we test every swab twice for 99.8% accuracy. Our lab is CLIA, CAP and New York Department of Health certified and exceeds the highest federal standards. Our DNA genetic testing kit is non-diagnostic.
TRI-LOCK PRIVACY AND SECURITY: Genomind uses the TRI-LOCK safeguard protocol to guard genetics and personal information. CHOICE-LOCK: We do not share identifiable data or DNA without permission. LOCATION-LOCK: We secure information on hardened servers. ENCRYPTION-LOCK: We guard genetics and information with crypto-security.

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