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The Hike: (Nature Book for Kids, Outdoors-Themed Picture Book for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners)
The Hike: (Nature Book for Kids, Outdoors-Themed Picture Book for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners) $9.99

SHIERDU Wooden Hammering and Pounding Toys Nail Hammer Stool Pull Along Elephant Gopher Toy Desktop Hitting Mouse and Hamster Game Toddler Drag Toys 1-3 Years Old Boys and Girls

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Multifunctional Childhood Activity CenterMultifunctional Childhood Activity Center

Baby elephant hammer toyBaby elephant hammer toy

Parents are children’s enlightenment teachers. These projects encourage you to play with your children to get the best educational experience and share the fun between parents and children. An ideal gift for children of 2 3 4 5 years old, for your beloved child, learn to share with others, develop communication skills and parent-child interactions to strengthen mutual contact.A great gift for your baby boys and girls!Tips:Children should be used under adult supervision.Wooden toys should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to avoid moisture.Please do not wash with water. Wipe the surface gently with a dry cotton cloth.

Wooden Hammering and Pounding Toys 1

Wooden Hammering and Pounding Toys 1

Wooden Hammering and Pounding Toys 3

Wooden Hammering and Pounding Toys 3



Number maze gameChildren can move the buttons along the track to exercise coordination and patience.Use Montessori’s educational methods to open up children’s mathematics world

Hammering stakes gameThe baby is holding the wooden toy hammer and hitting the colorful non-removable wooden pegs. As the wooden pegs rise and fall, it is easy to attract the children’s attention and bring them a huge wooden baby toy fun.The solid wood material is smooth and does not hurt your hands. Protect every inch of baby’s skin.

Colorful gear game and elephant ear castanets gameTurn the crank to start a spectacular chain reaction and watch beautiful visual effects.Rotating gears can provide children with hours of fun, and at the same time introduce them to the basic principles of machinery.When the elephant’s ears are plucked, it will make a sound of castanets, which can fully attract the attention of young children and keep quiet for a period of time.

Wooden Hammering and Pounding Toys 2Wooden Hammering and Pounding Toys 2

Hammering & Pounding Toys Wooden Educational Toy

The development of touch is the same as all other perceptions, and the frequency of external stimulation and use.Therefore, it is necessary to create various opportunities for children to touch different objects and promote the development of touch.

These wooden Mallet are just the right size for your baby’s little hands to grab, hold and shake.

The crisp sound of the impact of the wood will expand your baby’s sensory experience

Colorful contrasting patterns help develop your baby’s eye tracking skills.

The grip, shapes and tasks will assist in finger and hand-eye coordination skills.

[Our difference] Hammer wandering game, digital track maze, gear rotation, toddler drag toy car, toddler castanets. The designer perfectly combined these items with the cartoon bus in the shape of an elephant. These interesting designs will be more able to attract the baby’s attention. At the same time, bright and rich colors stimulate children’s perception of colors.
[Puzzle early education] When children are addicted to various games on the elephant bus, they also exercise refined motor skills, hand-eye coordination, rapid reaction skills, and logical thinking skills, and can well promote muscle development And healthy growth.
[Intimate details] Every part of the elephant bus shows our attention to detail. With up to 12 stakes and 2 hammers, your baby can play with friends or parents. Various content such as stars, lights, mice, elephants, donuts, numbers, etc. are all over the bus. In communication and interaction, children will have multiple joys and release their extra energy.
[Strong and durable] pounding bench Made of high-quality wood, non-toxic water-based paint, stable and environmentally friendly. Polished by a multi-layer process to ensure rounded corners and no burrs. Little enlightenment toys will provide your baby with a happy and safe game experience. When the child’s age is no longer suitable for it, you can give it to children of the right age or donate it, because its quality is so good that it will not be easily damaged and look worn-out.
[Exquisite gift] Very suitable for children aged 1-3. Give it to boys or girls as Christmas or birthday gifts, and they will all love you more because of it.

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